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Flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian
Bosnian Mark 3,531 million
Independence Day (March 01), Labor Day (May 01), Statehood Day (November 25), Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

The country where the northern part is called Bosnia, with the southern part Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a European country along the Adriatic Sea. The country which declared independence in 1992 owns a developing and growing profile. Being in demand all year round by its geographical location convenient for both sea and winter vacations, together with its tourism infrastructure, Bosnia and Herzegovina shines out by its cultural heritage bearing the traces of its past as well. Leaving behind the wartimes and arousing interest by the artifacts it has managed to preserve, the country also gets credit by its local tastes uniting palatable dishes of the Byzantine, Ottoman, Bosnian and Serbian cuisines.

If you are planning a vacation at this lovely country, take a look at the flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina with Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a relaxing and safe journey of high quality.

Flight Details

Bosnia and Herzegovina flight details

Turkish Airlines offers direct flights to Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Flights in this route take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ) within nearly two hours.

Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ) is regarded as the busiest airport in the country, serving to 800 thousand passengers in a year. Tuzla Airport (TZL) is the second busiest, reaching to an annual number of 250 thousand passengers. Mostar Airport (OMO) and Banja Luka Airport (BNX) are the other busy airports in the country, serving to 75 thousand passengers in average every year.

Hosting a large number of festivals throughout the year, the country is flooded by ever more visitors during the vigorous festival season.

Sarajevo Film Festival in August is held with huge participation every year as the most popular event countrywide. International Sarajevo Jazz Festival would be a pleasant alternative for those planning to visit the country in November. As the largest event in Southeast Europe held for children, Kid’s Festival attracts considerable number of participants in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2004. In addition, Banja Luka Summer Games and Kozara Etno Festival are among the globally known events, offering pleasant moments for those wishing to visit the country in the summer months. Moreover, the festivals and expos held at many cities which provide an insight into the local culture, also grab the attention of many visitors.

Attraction Points

Bosnia and Herzegovina sightseeing and attractions

Serving as the capital, Sarajevo is generally the first stop of the visitors, with its high touristic value. The historical district Baščaršija, which stands for “primary market”, is the favorite destination with its authentic atmosphere. Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque, Brusa Bezistan Museum, Latin Bridge and the Sacred Heart Cathedral are the most crowd-pulling touristic spots in the capital.

Notable for its Mostar Bridge on Neretva River, the city of Mostar has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO with its Old Town district, which has been renewed after the sorrowful war. Old Bridge Museum, Muslibegovic House, The Museum of Herzegovina, Koskin-Mehmed Pasha's Mosque and Karadjoz Beg Mosque, together with the remarkable Kravice Waterfalls are the most attention-grabbing places in Mostar.

As an extremely popular destination by its natural gems, the country’s second largest city, Banja Luka owns a history dating back to the Stone Age. Welcoming hundreds of tourists from all over the world, Vrbas Canyons is an ideal fascinating place also for outdoor sports lovers. The rural region Ljubacke Doline is one of the most significant attractions in the city. Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Savior and Ferhadija Mosque Museum are among the other enjoyable icons in the city.

Being named after the salt reserves in the city, Tuzla is the third largest town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Panonsko Jezero, the salt lake right in the heart of the city stands out as the first stop of the tourists visiting Tuzla. Srebrenik Fortress which dates back to the 1300s, together with Solni Trg Open Air Museum, and Turalıbey Mosque remaining from the Ottoman period, are the remarkable centers of attraction flooded by visitors in this fascinating city.

It is possible to benefit from the bus firms operating between the cities, as well as the train services for transportation. You may also consider the options of car rental for a private transportation to save your time and enjoy your stay to the fullest in the beautiful Bosnian cities during your visit.

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