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Flights to Mozambique

Maputo Portuguese
Mozambican Metical 29,67 million
New Year (January 01), Heroes’ Day (February 03), Labor Day (May 01), Women’s Day (April 07), Independence Day (June 25), Victory Day (September 07), Day of Peace and Reconciliation (October 04), Christmas (December 25)

Situated along the Indian Ocean, Mozambique is an attractive country by its wildlife, colorful culture and brilliant nature offering spectacular landscapes. Having been a Portuguese colony for long years, Mozambique declared independence in 1975; nevertheless the cities in this pretty country bears the traces of stunning Art Deco architecture remaining from those years. Strengthening its economic power as owning one of the remarkable natural gas reserves worldwide, Mozambique has already succeeded in ranking among the top favorite holiday destinations by its investments to tourism.

Take a look at the flight tickets offered by Turkish Airlines now to start planning your dreamlike holiday to explore this heavenly land by its untouched nature, friendly people, palatable dishes and crystal sands.

Flight Details

Mozambique flight details

Flights to Mozambique with Turkish Airlines take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Maputo International Airport (MPM) in the capital within nearly 12 hours.

Mozambique can easily be visited all year round thanks to its tropical climate and warm temperature. It is possible to see this African country especially in the cold winter days to feel delightful and warm. Along with its favorable climate, the country hosts many distinctive festivals you would like to see as well. Although the majority of these events focus on culture and art, there may be highly pleasant opportunities to witness the African and tribe cultures. Open air music festival held every year in May, AZGO is an enjoyable event bringing together both the local and international musicians. In addition to concerts, the festival where various seminars are held and activity areas for handicrafts and fashion are set with musical documentary screenings would definitely add joyful memories to your holiday.

Another music festival takes place in the country in May. Although being a young event of eight years, STRAB Festival is the most popular organization countrywide. The festival where Rock and Roll and Blues performances are held, lasts for three days with beach parties and various entertainments. Another musical fest in Mozambique is Chopi Music Festival taking place in June and July. Held by UNESCO in Quissco town, the event aims to preserve and maintain the country’s culture. The festival provides a good chance to witness the culture with local music and the traditional instruments. Another festival aiming to maintain the cultural values of Mozambique is Tambo International Art Fest. Events celebrating the cultural diversity in the country with music, dance and theater performances last for one week with huge participation.

Attraction Points

Mozambique sightseeing and attractions

The capital and the cultural center of Mozambique, Maputo is an enthralling port town, cited as “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. As a city full of pretty locus trees, Maputo is home to many historical artifacts remaining from the colonial period, which attract considerable attention by their architecture. The Museum of National History, Fisheries Museum and the Museum of the Revolution exceedingly satisfy the visitors wishing to obtain insight into the country’s background. It is possible to explore this lovely capital by foot in the daylight, however as the opportunities of transport are restricted at night, it would be advantageous to have your own vehicle to be at ease. Thus, you may consider the option of car rental to ensure a smooth transport throughout your stay.

After visiting the warm capital that inspired the famous artist Malangatana Ngwenga, you are now ready to see the natural marvels and enjoy your time swimming in the sparkling sea. Lake Malawi, one of the top significant lakes of Africa is within the boundaries of Mozambique. Hosting utterly charming beaches on its shores, this lake is 560 kilometers in length and 704 meters depth. As the ninth largest lake worldwide, the splendid Malawi is simply worth-seeing by its peerless landscape and clear water.

Mozambique’s truly charming islands are also very appealing. These islands which have recently been opened to tourism are totally fascinating. Island of Mozambique, which is declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, hosting historical artifacts like St. Gabriel Fort which had been the country’s noteworthy centers of commerce for long years together with St. Sebastian Fortress, shines out by its history as well. Island of Mozambique is home to nearly 14 thousand inhabitants, drawing interest of especially those looking for a romantic holiday.

Another popular island in the country is Benguerra. Offering a captivating view by its verdant forests and breathtaking landscapes, the island is a total holiday paradise by its untouched coves and scuba diving opportunities. It is also highly likely to encounter whales and dolphins while watching a magical sunset. Moreover, Bazaruto Island by its beaches encircled by turquoise waters and rarely found tropical fish species, along with Quirimbas Islands remarkable for its coral reefs, and Magaruque Island where you can see the rarely found Marlin (Atlantic swordfish) and have an ocean safari are only a few of the stunning islands of these adorable country which would definitely satisfy those interested in the underwater world. On the other hand, consisting of six archipelagos, Vilanculos is regarded among the top ideal locations for surfing by its unexpected waves and strong winds.

Although Mozambique is appealing by its crystal sands and turquoise water, do not forget that you are in an African country and spare some time for safari as well to observe the wildlife. It would be recommendable to visit Gorongosa National Park which is home to wild African elephants, lions and more than 500 bird species and have an adventurous safari, as well as assisting in the projects carried out for protecting the region.

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