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Flights to Philippines

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Filipino Peso 100.3 million
EDSA Revolution Anniversary (February 25), Good Friday (March 25), Bataan Day (April 09), Labor Day (May 01), Independence Day (June 12), National Heroes Day (August 29), All Saint’s Day (November 01), Bonifacio Day (November 30), Christmas (December 25), Rizal Day (December 30)

Situated in the western Pacific Ocean, Philippines is truly admirable by its populous towns, rice fields of 2000 years, more than 20 active volcanoes, unique beaches and friendly people. As the world’s longest coastline by its large and small islands above 7000, Philippines’ temperature is high all year round. However, the period between June and September falls on typhoon season when there is a high chance of rain. Being one of the frequently preferred destinations worldwide every time, despite the typhoon season, Philippines always has more to discover; you may get started exploring the islands full of spectacular views surrounded by tropical plants, take a sunbath on the crystal sands, or buy handmade animal totems and exotic jewelries from the locals, who are famous for wood engraving.

Have a look at the flights to Philippines now with Turkish Airlines and set your travel plan to enjoy the clear turquoise sea exploring the utterly charming islands full of joy.

Flight Details

Philippines flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to 13 different destinations in Philippines: Bacalod, Cagayan de Oro, Caticlan, Cebu, Cotabato, Davao, Dipolog, Iloilo, Kalibo, Manila, Puerto Princesa, Roxas and Tagbilaran. Direct flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) in the capital Manila take eleven to twelve hours in average.

Philippines are divided into three main divisions of islands: The busiest airport in Mindanao island group is Francisco Bangoy International Airport (DVO) in Davao. The Visayas islands, on the other hand, which consist of tinier islands between Luzon islands, where the capital Manila is situated, and Mindanao region islands, host three airports: Cebu Mactan International Airport (CEB), Iloilo International Airport (ILO) and Bacalod Silay International Airport. Flights with Turkish Airlines to these relatively smaller islands of the Philippines are operated as connecting over Manila. Duration of the connecting flights varies by the layover in the capital.

Each island in the attractive Philippines offers a totally different joy and adventure by their perfect nature, marvelous sea, dazzling reefs, traditional cuisine and warm hearted locals. The temperature in the country gets comparatively low in December and January. Therefore, the events in the country during this season increases in number, when the country is flooded by more tourists as well. Ati-Atahan Festival held in Kalibo in January to honor the Santo Nino (infant Jesus) is regarded as one of the most colorful organizations countrywide. Various events are held not only at Kalibo but at many islands of the country, thanks to the Santo Nino. Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo and Sinulog Festival in Cebu are amongst the most attention-grabbing events held within the scope of Santo Nino. The country wraps itself into a joyous atmosphere by many festivals taking place also between March and June when the temperature rises. Many organizations like Aliwan Fiesta, Moriones Festival, Pahiyas Festival and Pintados Festival attract considerable number of tourists all over the world.

It would not be wrong to describe Philippines as “the country of festivals”. Hosting the world’s largest and most extraordinary parades, the country is always in high demand by its vivacious carnivals beyond comparison. Besides, it is possible to join any carnivals or festivals at all seasons throughout the year. Book your flight now to get started organizing your travel to enjoy a magnificent vacation witnessing the history, culture and mythology of the country at the vigorous events.

Attraction Points

Philippines sightseeing and attractions

Philippines offers diversities addressing the travelers of every style; the county is appealing to the diving lovers interested in the underwater world, adventurers who are fond of jumping from the rocks or vacationers who like lying down the crystal sands, as well as the researchers who like to learn about the ethnical culture and beliefs, or gourmets, fanciers of palatable diversified tastes… All expectations are satisfactorily met in the enchanting Philippines.

The largest island, Luzon is worth-seeing by its enthralling nature with the smoky mountains, verdant pine forests and Banaue rice fields of 2000 years, which was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Another favorite spot in Luzon, Sagada is ideal for experiencing the country’s ethnical mosaics. As a home to six different ethnical groups, this tiny village of Sagada arouses interest worldwide by its interesting tradition of hanging coffins.

The capital of Palawan Island, Puerto Princesa is cited as the cleanest and greenest city countrywide. You may witness the island’s nature of legendary beauty in the fascinating Honda Bay and Butterfly Garden. As one of the largest underground rivers worldwide, Sabang River is another attraction in the island, which is regarded among “New 7 Wonders of the World”. Make sure to visit during your stay also the active volcano Taal, together with the Chocolate Hills in Bohol.

If you are looking for a vacation full of sea, sand and sun, all islands of this magnificent country are at your service! El Nido in Palawan Island is a popular destination to enjoy your vacation to the fullest by its hidden beaches and coves, lagoons, turquoise sea, rich underwater world to witness by diving activities as well as its tranquil landscapes. Moreover, not only the natural gems attract attention in this adorable country. The city of Vigan in Luzon Island, full of the details of the colonial period architecture, preserves its look of a Spanish town, although established in the 16th century. This amazing town, which remained undamaged during the World War II, is also included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Note that it is possible to reach Vigan from the capital Manila by using the bus services which take nearly 6 hours. However, if you are interested in a more comfortable option, you may also consider the alternatives of car rental. It would be best to remind that ferries are available for transportation between the islands.

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