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Flights to Serbia

Belgrade Serbian
Serbian Dinar 7,221 million
New Year (January 01, 02), Orthodox Christmas (January 07), Statehood Day (February 15-16), Orthodox Good Friday (April 14), Orthodox Easter (April 16), Labor Day (May 01, 02), Armistice Day (November 11)

As a Balkan country, Serbia is an extremely popular touristic destination by its joyful towns, entertaining events and its natural gems accompanied by historic details. Having witnessed critical moments throughout the history, the country offers a brilliant atmosphere rich in culture by its prosperous heritage remaining from its deep-rooted background. Although being shoreless, the banks of Sava and Danube Rivers in this lovely country are in high demand in summertime. Shining out by its skiing centers like Kopaonik in the winter months, Serbia offers utterly different surprises to its guests throughout the year.

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Flight Details

Serbia flight details

Turkish Airlines offers direct flights to Serbia’s capital Belgrade. The landing point for the flights taking off from Istanbul Airport (IST) is Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (BEG). Flights take nearly an hour and forty five minutes.

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (BEG) is the busiest airport countrywide, serving to approximately 4,7 million passengers in a year. Niš Airport (INI) with a capacity of 30 thousand passengers is another remarkable airport serving to the country’s airline transport, despite its low capacity.

Air traffic in the country is likely to get busier during the events and festivals taking place all over the country. Exit Festival, which is held in July at Novi Sad is known as the festival broadest in scope with the hugest participation in Eastern Europe. Guca Trumpet Festival is an extremely entertaining festival where trumpeters take part in magical corteges. Moreover, the Street Musicians Festival held in September is organized in an utterly colorful and fun atmosphere. If you are interested in Balkan music, make sure to attend Belgrade Music Festival in October. Cinema City Film Festival in June arouses interest as another notable festival held with huge participation from all over the world.

Attraction Points

Serbia sightseeing and attractions

The capital Belgrade is under the spotlight as the most popular destination in the country. Presenting a pleasant view to its visitors by its location at the crossroads of Danube and Sava Rivers, often cited as Kalemagdan, Belgrade Fortress is the most popular tourist attraction in the city. Skadarlija district is outstanding by its colorful buildings and lovely cafés and restaurants; whereas the vigorous Kne Mihailova Street hosts crowds all day long. The Museum named after the famous Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla is among the favorite of science and museum lovers.

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia. Standing for the term “new city”, this adorable town is therefore a more modern settlement compared to Belgrade. As a city full of Neoclassical architecture details, Novi Sad is regarded as the country’s cultural capital at the same time. Petrovaradin Fortress is the top favorite destination in this adorable city. In addition, the Old Town district (Stari Grad) is another attention-grabbing destination, fascinating by its captivating atmosphere. Strand Beach on the banks of the Danube River is a crowd-pulling spot especially in the summer months.

The third populous city countrywide, Niš is one of the oldest towns of Balkans; you may encounter historical artifacts all around the city while walking down the streets. Just like all other Serbian towns, the city fortress in Niš is amongst the top worth-seeing spots. The Skull Tower, a stone structure embedded with human skulls, is another attractive destination in the city.

Subotica is a cheerful Serbian town dazzling by its architecture and a wide range of events taking place. Palic region, which is very popular by its lake and the surrounding village, is an utterly impressive destination with its splendid natural fabric. The Freedom Square which is home to the City Hall as well, along with the Cathedral Square, Sukkat Shalom Synagogue, Raichle Palace, Dömötör Palace and Franciscan Church shine out as the attractive spots in the city.

Another popular destination in the country, Tara National Park is an ideal spot for the nature lovers who like to get involved in the natural life.

Towns in Serbia are connected to each other by railway and highways. That is why; visits to Serbia may be scheduled to see more than one destination. If you are looking for a holiday to visit multiple cities to get to know the culture better, you may also consider the options of car rental so as to ensure a smooth transport and save time to explore more enthralling spots during your stay.

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