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Flights to Sweden

Stockholm Swedish
Swedish Krona 9,903 million
New Year (January 01), Epiphany (January 06), Good Friday (March 21), Easter (March-April), Labor Day (May 01), Ascension Day (April 30), Swiss National Day (June 06), Midsummer Day (June 25), All Saints Day (November 05), Christmas (December 25-26)

Sweden, officially the Kingdom of Sweden is one of the most important Scandinavian countries in Northern Europe. Shining out by its economy and welfare level, Sweden ranks among the top favorite European destinations by its natural beauties and historical artifacts as well. You may witness the ceaseless life in capital Stockholm; experience the remarkable White Nights in the northern part of the country; breathe in the fresh air of Sweden in Gothenburg, Malmö and Vizby, or join various cultural events and festivals at Gröna Lund, a giant amusement center on Djugarden Island. Accommodating at the Ice Hotel, built in winter every year which melts in spring, would definitely be the most exclusive experience you may have in Sweden.

Book your flights to Sweden with Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a privileged and comfortable journey to this brilliant country full of fresh air.

Flight Details

Sweden flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to 14 different destinations in Sweden: Stockholm, Angelholm, Gothenburg, Kalmar, Kiruna, Lulea, Malmö, Norrkoping, Östersund, Ronneby, Skelleftea, Sundsvall, Umea and Visby. Direct flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) or Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) land at Stockholm Aralanda Airport (ARN) within nearly three hours and thirty minutes. Direct flights by Turkish Airlines to Gothenburg Landvetter Airport (GOT) take pretty much the same as well. Flights to Kalmar Airport (KLR), Malmö Airport (MMX) and Kallinge Airport (RBN) in Ronneby are operated as connecting over Stockholm. The duration of the journey in connecting flights varies by the point of destination and layover at Stockholm.

As a cold and rainy country most of the year, Sweden owns verdant forests and parks, together with hundreds of large and small islands. In addition to its fresh air, this nature-friendly Scandinavian country with its low-storey, colorful and unique architecture generally has cool air temperature which does not exceed 20-25 degrees even in August. The temperature decreases even more in the wintertime, especially the northern parts experience up to -30 degrees.

Nevertheless, Sweden is the most remarkable culture, art and entertainment center of Northern Europe, despite its cold climate. Festivals and expos taking place all year round host millions of people each year. Thus, Sweden has succeeded in turning this cold weather into an advantage in tourism. Kiruna Snow Fest, which has been held since 1985 every year in February, offers ice skating and reindeer races under the peerless view of the Northern Lights. During the “White Nights” falling on summer months, the country is flooded by thousands of visitors who all wish to enjoy the daylight fully as the sun sets very late during this season. It can therefore be said that the geographical location of Sweden is its biggest appeal.

The second largest city countrywide, Gothenburg welcomes a large number of tourists each year by its famous festivals. Gothenburg International Film Festival, organized at the end of January every year is held with huge participation from a considerable number of countries. Lasting for 10 days, this noteworthy festival is one of the largest events of cinema held in Scandinavia. Moreover, Sweden is also known by its music festivals. Gothenburg Jazz Festival, Stockholm Jazz Festival and Umea Jazz Festival are among the top significant music festivals held countrywide. The most popular music festival is Sweden Rock Festival held in June every year. The festival, where globally known music groups take to the stage, succeeds bringing in millions of tourists to the host city Norje.

Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, an ancient village of Sweden, is surely the most attractive spot in the country. This hotel, which melts every year and is re-built in the location to view the Northern Lights from the best angle, is simply one of a kind. The hotel has a capacity of 100 guests, therefore, those longing for experiencing this heavenly adventure line up to meet at Jukkasjärvi every year.

Sweden is in high demand all seasons by its entertaining festivals and natural beauties. It would therefore be recommendable booking your flight in advance to start dreaming yourself in the warm events and verdant streets of this cold country.

Attraction Points

Sweden sightseeing and attractions

The popularity of Sweden flights is not only because of its festivals and natural marvels beyond comparison. Yet, the country is one of the pioneer destinations worldwide in cultural tourism as well. Being also a cultural capital by its 70 museums and 100 art galleries rather than being just an administrative hub, the capital Stockholm hosts many fortresses and churches remaining from the Medieval Age, taking you a travel in time through the country’s past. Cycle tracks and walking trails extending over an area of 10 thousand square kilometers, as well as numerous national parks are welcoming you to enjoy the unique nature of the country.

Situated on 14 islands known as Stockholm Archipelago, the capital is a young, energetic, modern and yet a historic destination. Stockholm Globen, which is one of the largest and prestigious event centers in the city, National History Museum where the priceless antiques revealing all glory of Scandinavian and Viking culture are exhibited, and Kungliga Slottet Royal Palace, the official residence of Swiss royal family as one of the largest royal palaces in Europe, are the most outstanding spots in the city which should definitely be seen.

The second largest city, Gothenburg is a delightful port town, hosting more than three million visitors every year. This pretty city offers countless attractions, including but not limited to the Liseberg Amusement Park, the largest amusement park in the Scandinavian Island; Gothenburg Botanic Gardens as home to more than 16.000 different plant varieties; Gothenburg Opera House where many events take place; Gothenburg Museum of Art, as one of the most comprehensive art museums in Europe with its extensive collection dating back to the 15th century; and the beautiful Slottsskogen Park hosting this museum. Do not forget to take a look at the flights to Gothenburg to visit this enthralling city remarkable for its long streets and canals.

It is very easy to reach almost all touristic destinations in Sweden thanks to its advanced transportation network. The most preferred means are buses and trains in transporting between the cities. You may also consider renting a car to reach any spot comfortably and set your own route.

Popular destinations in Sweden