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Flights to Tanzania

Dodoma Swahili, English
Tanzanian Shilling 57,31 million
New Year (January 01), Zanzibar Revolution Day (January 12), Union Day (April 26), Labor Day (May 01), Peasants’ Day (July 07), Farmers’ Day (August 08), Independence Day (December 09), Christmas (December 25-26)

United Republic of Tanzania in Africa is an attractive destination by its large ecological parks, untouched virgin nature and extraordinary culture. Being a favorite destination especially for the nature lovers, Tanzania hosts spectacular landscapes beyond comparison. During your visit, you may have a chance to observe the wildlife in the best way possible, see the historical artifacts in the cities, enjoy the unique nature and have pleasant moments in the beaches along the Indian Ocean.

Book your flight to Tanzania with Turkish Airlines now and embark on a splendid adventure to meet the most ancient human remains found by the humankind up to now and explore these magical lands with its stunning beaches and peerless culture.

Flight Details

Tanzania flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to three different destinations in Tanzania: Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar. Direct flights taking off from Istanbul Airport (IST) land at Juliu Nyerere International Airport (DAR), the busiest airport countrywide in Dar es Salaam, and Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (ZNZ) in Zanzibar within nearly seven and a half hours. Direct flights to Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), on the other hand, take nine and a half hours in average.

Tanzania is in high demand all the time by the diversity of the opportunities it offers to its guests. The country is flooded by tourists all year round thanks to its tropical climate and its warm weather. Tanzania appeals to everyone not only by its natural marvels but also by its unique culture and events providing an insight into its deep-rooted history.

Children’s Day which is celebrated in the first day of June is one of the most significant events of Tanzania. Yet, nearly forty percent of the country’s population consists of children and teenagers. The Children’s Day aims to protect the child rights. Another significant day for Tanzania is the Union Day, which celebrates with colorful feasts the country’s salvation from slave trade after a struggle for freedom for centuries. Swahili Cultural Festival held in Stone Town for more than 10 years is without a doubt the most attractive event of the country. Many representatives of different cultures from all over Africa attend this festival to display their creativeness and folk arts, where ancient mystical performances are held. Do not miss this festival if you are wishing to witness the origins and development of both Tanzania and its geography. Sauti Za Busara Music Festival at Zanzibar in February, together with Zanzibar International Film Festival in June, are among the other crowd-pulling organizations.

On the other hand, the Big Migration starting in April, which you may have a chance to watch at Serengeti National Park, would be a reason to visit this magnificent country all by itself. If you are also interested in witnessing this peerless natural event, it would be recommendable to plan your travel to Tanzania without delay.

Attraction Points

Tanzania sightseeing and attractions

One of the most visited spots in Tanzania is Mount Kilimanjaro. As the highest peak in Africa with a height of 5895 meters, unlike other natural sites in Northern Tanzania, this mountain is worth-seeing not only by its wild life, but also by all its glory and snowy top. Being a World Heritage Site, Kilimanjaro is a mountain rising out of rain forest, which was formed as a result of a volcanic activity about one million years ago. The slopes of this giant mountain hosts leopards, monkeys, elephants, raptors and an antelope kind named eland. It is possible to climb the mountain at all seasons.

The capital Dodoma is also the country’s third largest city. The Parliament Building, Simba Hill, Kaddafi Mosque and Lutheran Cathedral are only a few attractions the city hosts. However, Tanzania’s former capital and largest city, Dar es Salaam is a much more touristic destination, when compared to Dodoma. Dar es Salaam is home to numerous historical artifacts. What is more, the city still hosts many state halls. National Museum, Village Museum, Kipepeo Beach, Bongoyo Island, Zoo and Botanical Garden are some must-see spots in this city.

Minibuses named dala dala are generally used for transportation in Tanzanian cities. However, if you are looking for a more comfortable option, you may consider renting a car to set a more comprehensive route for seeing more than one destination during your stay.

Another captivating spot in the country is certainly the Serengeti National Park by its breathtaking nature. Extending over an area of 14.750 square kilometers, this giant national park hosts thousands of animals; welcoming a large number of tourists every year and offering a chance to see closer the herd of antelopes, lions, leopards, cheetahs and jackals, as well as providing safari opportunities. Although Serengeti National Park is the largest in the country, Tanzania is home to many utterly valuable and remarkable national parks. Manyara Lake National Park close to Mto Wa Mbu town is highly appealing by its mesmerizing landscape and wildlife spaces. The distinctive side of this park is that you may encounter lions on the branches of trees. It is possible to perform many activities in this park, including but not limited to wildlife safaris, canoeing, mountain biking and bird watching.

Katavi National Park where many documentaries are shot, as home to hippopotamus, crocodiles and more than 400 bird species; Tarangire National Park, which offers perfect opportunities for bird watching by its many species like hawks, vultures, herons, storks, falcons and eagles; Arusha National Park, as one of the most charming volcano in Africa with Tanzania’s second highest mountain are other stunning national parks you may have a chance to see in Tanzania.

Promising an extraordinary vacation experience by its untouched nature and wide range of opportunities to witness the marvels, Tanzania also offers peerless alternatives for those wishing to enjoy the sea and sun in a peaceful holiday. Zanzibar shines out as an outstanding holiday paradise by its splendid beaches, crystal sands and bright water. As the cultural center of the island, Stone Town is a highly characteristic destination with its Arabic houses in the narrow streets and its historical buildings. You may see here the former residence of the sultans, the Beit el-Sahel palace, together with the Persian baths built in 1888 and the oldest building in the town, Old Fort; and set off to see other spectacular islands of Zanzibar thereafter. Prison Island may be your first stop, which had been used for centuries as a place to imprison the slaves where epidemic illnesses were quarantined, now standing out as a tourism paradise by its turquoise waters and giant turtles more than 100 years old. Nakupenda Island, that may be flooded into water due to flux and reflux, consists of a single island, which should definitely be seen. Unguja Island, the largest island in Zanzibar, as well as Pemba Island, the ideal spot for scuba diving in the Indian Ocean with brilliant corals and colorful sponges, and Mafia Island hosting more than 400 fish species are other enthralling destinations, attracting considerable number of tourists every year.

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