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Flights to Tunisia

Tunis Arabic
Tunisian Dinar 11,4 million
New Year (January 01), Sacrifice Holiday, Women’s Day (March 08), Independence Day (March 20), Martyrs’ Day (April 09), Labor Day (May 01), Republic Day (July 25), Ramadan Feast

Exotic, live, mystical and colorful… Situated in northwest Africa, Tunisia is a perfect combination of Arabian, African and Mediterranean cultures. Although a remarkable part of the country is covered by the Sahara Desert, this beautiful country is often regarded as “The Pearl of the Mediterranean” by its warm Mediterranean climate, its history which hosted the great civilizations along with its warmhearted people. Tunisia is an ideal destination for those looking for a vacation out of the ordinary, by its splendid beaches, diving centers, golf courses and prosperous cultural background, as well as its palm trees, vineyards, jasmines and white-blue houses.

Have a look at the flights to Tunisia now to start planning your travel for exploring the chalk white and turquoise streets of this lovely country and witnessing the eclectical culture

Flight Details

Tunisia flight details

Direct flights with Turkish Airlines from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Carthage Airport (TUN) in the capital Tunis take three hours in average. The air traffic in this route gets even busier in certain periods.

Tunisia has both the Mediterranean and desert climate; the northern part of the country along the Mediterranean Sea offers hot summer days and is a touristic spot throughout the season. The tourists visiting the country increase in number accordingly in summertime. Without a doubt, sea, sand and sun are not the only reasons of visits to this adorable country. Many attention-grabbing festivals in the country take place in the summer season as well.

International Carthage Festival, which is the most crowd-pulling event in music, handicrafts and Tunisian traditions, is held every year from July till the end of August since 1964. This deep-rooted music festival which hosted notable persons like James Brown and Louis Armstrong in the past is worth-seeing. Ulysse Festival, another attractive event taking place every year in summer at Djerba hosts many activities to witness the local music, actors and actresses and visual artists of the country. Medina Festival which is held every year during Ramadan is a unique festival, successfully blending the religion with the cultural activities. The festival takes place around the municipality theater in the capital Tunis, where film screenings from different countries are displayed, together with concerts and religious ceremonies.

The splendid weather of the Mediterranean climate and attractive festivals increase the country’s air traffic in the summer months. Nevertheless, one of the most fascinating festivals of the country is International Sahara Desert Festival, as a gift of the country’s geography. Known also as the Camel Festival, this enjoyable event held in December every year is ideal to get yourself acquainted with the Tunisian culture. Offering various activities like camel and Arabian horse racing and poem reading, the festival arouses interest of thousands of people interested in experiencing a one of a kind desert atmosphere.

It can be said that Tunisia is in demand all year round by its climate and festivals. Taking into account the busy air traffic in the country during the festival season, it would therefore be advisable booking your flight in advance to start discovering these exotic lands without delay.

Attraction Points

Tunisia sightseeing and attractions

Tunisia is not only preferred for its summer tourism, colorful culture and festivals. Having been a cradle of various ethnical communities and great civilizations thanks to its location along the Mediterranean Sea, the country is highly appealing by its cultural history as well.

The old Medina district where you may witness the past and tradition of the country throughout the history on one side, the modern Habib Boourgiba Boulevard on the other… The capital Tunis is a city beyond comparison, offering the reflections of various cultures in a single destination. The narrow, maze like streets of the old town Medina surrounded by ancient walls, together with its local markets and mosques simply take the visitors into an enthralling travel in time.

Tunisia is home to numerous artifacts belonging to different culture and history around every corner. This can easily be seen in the remarkable Bardo National Museum. As one of the most important mosaic museums worldwide, Bardo hosts a mosaic depicting a tale from the Odyssey, as well as the famous Triumph of Neptune mosaic. Make sure to visit the country’s largest mosque Ez-Zitouna covering an area of 5000 square meters, as well as the Cathedral of Saint Vincent de Paul with its stunning architecture remaining from the French colonial period. Carthage Ancient City, on the other hand, is another notable attraction offering a chance to witness the first settlements in Tunis, the traces of the states which had ruled the city, together with the works and artifacts of deep-rooted history.

In addition to the marvelous ancient regions, Ville Nouvelle (New City) is extremely impressive with its modern buildings of the 10th century French architecture, dating back to the city’s French colonial period. The dominance of stunning white and blue increasing in the northern parts hits the top in Sidi Bou Said town, which is a lovely holiday town 20 kilometers from Tunis, perfectly proving the country’s title of “The pearl of the Mediterranean”. Book your flight to Tunis without delay now and get ready to embark on a unique adventure.

Since Tunis is the capital and the largest city in the country, it is possible to reach anywhere in the country from here, via the buses, railway and tram line. You may also consider car rental options to plan your own route and enjoy a comfortable transport throughout your stay.

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