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Flights to Belgium

Brussels Dutch, French
Euro 11,35 million
Good Friday (March 25), Easter (March 27-28), Labor Day (May 01), Ascension Day (May 05), National Day (July 21), Assumption of Mary (August 15), All Saints’ Day (November 01), Armistice Day (November 11), Christmas (December 24-25)

Although being one of the smallest countries in Central Europe, Belgium is an important destination for cultural tours with its historical town Brussels, serving as a capital both in the country, the European Union and NATO. This small European country which hosts the best models of Medieval Age and Art-Nouveau movement, shines out as a remarkable European center in fashion and food culture, as well as its vigorous cities filled with magnificent art events. Offering various alternatives for its guests also by its verdant forests and crystal sanded beaches far from the center, Belgium’s cultural and historical heritage most of which is under protection by UNESCO, together with its perfect forests providing camping and cycling activities, and the globally known festivals taking place countrywide are looking forward to welcoming you in a splendid atmosphere.

Have a look at the flights to Belgium now to start exploring this lovely country, enjoying the privileged opportunities offered by Turkish Airlines.

Flight Details

Belgium flight details

Turkish Airlines offers flights every day on a regular basis to Brussels International Airport (BRU) in the capital of Belgium, from Istanbul Airport (IST) or Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW). These direct flights take three to three and a half hours in average.

As a country with cold weather in general, Belgium brings in more tourists in the summer months. Nevertheless, the country can be visited in all seasons by its stunning cities like Bruges or and Flanders, offering picturesque views with its forests covered with snow and frozen canals.

Apart from its cultural and historical appeal, Belgium arouses interest also as a notable country hosting numerous festivals in Europe. Streets filled with lights during the celebrations of Christmas and New Year between December 25 and January 01 are worth-seeing, drawing the attention of considerable number of tourists every year.

Ommegang Pageant held in July is ideal for witnessing the country’s fashion history. Parades taking place in Grand Place offers a total visual feast where the national clothes, which give its name to the festival, are displayed. La Ducassa, on the other hand, which is organized in August enthralls the attendants by giant puppet shows. Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival held at the end of March and the beginning of April is another crowd-pulling festival organized in a magical atmosphere.

Even though Belgium hosts worth-seeing events all year round, the most attention-grabbing festivals in Belgium are generally the music festivals. Tomorrowland held in July at Boom brings in thousands of people to Belgium every year, as one of the most outstanding festivals taking place worldwide. Sfinks Mix held nearby Antwerp in July is a festival filled with all types of world music, offering free entrance. Similarly, Moods Fest in Bruges held between July and August, consisting of eclectical concert series many of which are free, is regarded as one of the most popular events taking place in the country. Pukkelpop which is organized in August at Hasselt ranks among the top assertive festivals worldwide in progressive music. Brussels, where the music festivals increase in number during the summer months, is appealing visually to the visitors as well. Brussels Square is covered with blossoming flowers in August in a brilliant atmosphere which should definitely be seen; during this season the city is flooded by a large number of visitors who are willing to witness this installation resembling a work of art.

Briefly, Belgium is under the spotlight all year round by its utterly impressive events. It would be advisable to book your flight in advance, taking into account the busy air traffic in the country during the vigorous festival season.

Attraction Points

Belgium sightseeing and attractions

Certainly, the reason for the country’s busy air traffic is not only the festivals. Shining out especially in cultural tourism, Belgium hosts many must-see historical spots.

The capital Brussels is the most crowd-pulling destination countrywide by its vivacious presence. It is possible to witness every kind of culture in this pretty town which is home to European bureaucrats and immigrants from all over the world. Presenting the best pieces of art and architecture, every street in Brussels is filled with artifacts lighting the way for the architecture of each era. The city Square Grand Place has been declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO with its eclectical nature reflecting the architectural styles of various centuries. Manneken Pis, regarded as the city’s icon, together with Brussels City Hall built in the 15th century is among the top worth-seeing spots in the city center. Atomium, which was built for Expo World Fair held in Brussels in 1953 stands out as a building arousing interest of both the locals and the tourists. This iconic structure, which is in contradiction with the dominant Medieval Age of Brussels, offers a spectacular panoramic view of the city as well. If you also wish to witness this dynamic atmosphere of this splendid capital, book your flight to Brussels now to start planning your travel.

Brussels is generally the first stop for the touristic tours countrywide. Yet, other Belgium cities in short distance to the capital are also worth-seeing. Bruges, with its houses remaining from the 15th century, its street markets, and famous Lake of Love; along with three towers of Ghent by its canals and phaeton tours and Antwerp as the center of art, fashion and entertainment, notable for its museums and verdant gardens are just a few worth-seeing destinations during your visit to Belgium.

There are many places to see in Belgium, all of which close to each other. Transportation between the cities is highly convenient by railway system. You may also consider renting a car to save time for exploring every corner in this charming European country.

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