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A Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300 up in the sky

Airbus A330-300

Sweep the skies in the wide-bodied twin-engine twin-aisle Airbus A330-300. Renowned as one of the world’s quietest airplanes, the Airbus A330-300 combines optimal comfort with a serene, spacious environment. Keep in touch with satellite connectivity options allowing internet access in the air. In addition, benefit from a great selection of in-flight entertainment, with popular movies, tv series, music and live TV channels at your disposal.

Airbus A330-300 at first glance

Maximum range

11750 km


60,30 m


63,69 m


16,80 m

Maximum speed

880 km/s

Discover the Airbus A330-300

The largest member of the Airbus family, the Airbus A330-300, boasts a “fly-by-wire” digital control system, modern cabin features and advanced engine. Feel assured on the A330-300 equipped with improved digital safety systems, throughout the entire flight. With improved engines, the A330-300 is much more environmentally friendly and quieter than the older models. The A330-300 excels with more eco-friendly green technologies, fuel efficiency with improved engines, and releases less CO2 emissions. A330 flights are extra comfortable with extended legroom seats, quiet cabins and friendly cabin crew.

Breathe safely wih HEPA filters

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters in our aircraft uses a special filtration system that can remove 99.97% of all particles whose diameter is up to 0.3 microns in the air. HEPA filters ensure a clean and safe air inside the cabin.