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Algiers Arabic
Algerian Dinar 41,32 million
New Year (January 01), Labor Day (May 01), Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday, Islamic New Year (October 02), Mawlid an-nabi, Revolution Day (November 01)

Algeria shines out by its location along the Mediterranean Sea as one of the largest countries in Africa. Having been under the domination of various civilizations and cultures from the Phoenicians to Romans, Ottomans to French, the country is extremely appealing especially to the travelers of culture by its deep-rooted history and eclectic culture. Algeria promises a splendid vacation by its chalk white buildings, narrow streets, old mosques with historical background, together with the churches and artifacts bearing the details of French architecture.

If you also want to meet this multicultural fabric, book your flight to Algeria with Turkish Airlines now to take the first step for a marvelous holiday.

Flight Details

Algeria flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to four different destinations in Algeria: Algiers, Annaba, Constantine and Oran. Direct flights from Istanbul Airport to Hourai Boumediene Airport (ALG) in the capital Algiers take four hours in average. Flights to Rabah Bitat Airport (AAE) in Annaba, Mohammed Boudiaf International Airport (CZL) in Constantine and Oran Es Senia Airport (ORN) in Oran take nearly three hours and forty five minutes.

As a country with a typical Mediterranean climate, Algeria can be visited all seasons. The ideal time to visit Algeria would be the spring months for those interested in cultural tourism, offering comfortable visits to the historical artifacts countrywide. Those having an interest in the Mediterranean side of Algeria may meet the beaches enthralling by the deep blue sea in the summer months. However, the popularity of the country in summertime is not just because of its splendid sea and beaches. Festival du Rai, which is held in August has turned into an extremely attractive event recently by a large number of participants all over the world. You may have a chance to listen to the best French and Arabic songs in this music festival taking place at Oran.

Another remarkable festival in the country is Festival International Bande Dessinnée d’Alger, known as the Festival of Comics. Held in October each year, this enjoyable festival receives a great deal of attention by the tourists. Reuniting the local talents with the fanciers of comics all over the world, the festival is held enthusiastically together with various conferences and events.

Algeria is not only attractive by its historical artifacts and beautiful beaches. Succeeded in developing over years in festivals and crowd-pulling events, Algeria brings in many tourists also by the European Culture Festival in May and African Culture Festival in July.

If you are looking forward to witnessing the fascinating beaches, snow white buildings, historical structures and pretty jasmines as well as the developing entertainment and event culture, it would be recommendable to take into consideration this vivacious season while booking your flight to Algeria to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Attraction Points

Algeria sightseeing and attractions

As a destination full of cultural and historical resources, Algeria offers numerous mosques, churches, fortresses and monuments to visit. It would be an utterly extraordinary experience to walk around the streets of the adorable capital where the French and Arabian architecture perfectly blend together, witnessing the historic fabric accompanied by the clothes hanging out in the pretty balconies. In this sense, Grande Poste, one of the icons of the capital Algiers is an outstanding must-see spot. As a post office built in 1910, Grande Poste still serves today as well. The most glorious mosque in the capital is certainly the Ketchaoua Mosque. Offering the perfect harmony of Byzantine and Maghreb architecture, this mosque was put into service in 1612 and is included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO. The structure which was wanted to be converted into cathedral during the French occupation 220 years after its establishment caused four thousand Algerians to be immolated, who protested against this conversion. After the country’s independence, the square where mosque is located has been named as Martyrs Square. Another structure commemorating the country’s establishment is the Martyrs’ Memorial. Representing the country’s struggle for independence, this monument of 32 meters is simply worth-seeing. Apart from the historical artifacts, make sure to also visit in the capital Algiers The Bardo National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography and the National Museum of Modern Arts, as well as the Notre Dame d’Afrique Basilica, which has managed to survive despite being damaged during the wars.

Another notable city in the country, Oran is also worth-seeing. You may see the biggest synagogue of Northern Africa, Oran Synagogue, which was converted into mosque in 1975, visit Ahmed Zabana Museum to witness the city’s background and see all animal species lived in these lands, enjoy looking through the astonishing works of art at Oran Museum of Modern Arts and tour the city’s oldest artifact, Bey’s Palace. Moreover, Oran’s oldest church, Saint Louis Church is another attraction in the city, arousing interest of considerable number of visitors.

In addition to its historical artifacts, Oran also hosts spectacular beaches. The city’s coastal line of 10 kilometers is home to utterly beautiful sands. The most famous beach, where you can try many water sports is El Bahia Beach. Mers El-Kebir, Ain El-Turck, Bousfer, Corales and Les Andaolouses are other favorite beaches in the region. If you are planning to take a vacation at this versatile Algerian town offering both cultural tours and sea holiday full of sun and crystal sands, take a look at the flights to Oran now to set your plan.

It would not be right to limit the attractions in Algeria only to Algiers and Oran. El Kala National Park located in the northeastern part of the country with its area of 800 kilometer meters is an outstanding spot under protection by UNESCO. As home to 60 mammals, 25 wildfowl species, 64 waterfowl and 9 sea bird species, this giant park is amongst the top must-see destinations in Algeria. Moreover, the ancient town Timgad with all its historic pillars, walls and other artifacts built in A.D. 100; Beni Hammad Fort which is also declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO and the sumptuous Atlas Mountains extending over an area of 775.340 square kilometers, are amongst the most popular attractions in the country.

You may consider renting a car to see all these spots in Algeria and visit various destinations countrywide. It would therefore ensure a comfortable transport during your stay, providing a chance to set your own route to see as many destinations as you wish in this magnificent country.

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