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*Miles & Smiles 회원이 Enterprise를 통해 차량을 렌트하면 최대 1,000마일리지를 적립하실 수 있습니다. 온라인 채널을 통해 1 ~ 2일 렌트하시면 추가로 250마일리지가 적립되고 3일 이상 렌트는 500마일리지를 적립해 드립니다.

Exclusive opportunities for your car rentals

You also should benefit from car rental opportunities exclusive to Turkish Airlines flights. We have collaborated with Enterprise, Alamo and National providing worldwide services. Our aim is to let you have a fabulous experience at every moment of your travel.

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We are thinking about every moment of your travel

Complete your itinerary fully with options like seat selection, car rental, hotel reservation and travel insurance.

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