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Royal Caribbean

Miles Await You On Royal Caribbean Cruise Tours!

An extraordinary opportunity awaits Miles&Smiles members on their Royal Caribbean adventures. Dive into our exclusive campaign, where each 1 Euro spent brings you an impressive reward of 2 Miles. This special offer isn't just about transactions; it's a gateway to elevating your travel experience. Picture creating priceless memories at sea, enhanced by the allure of Miles&Smiles perks. Join us on Royal Caribbean's enchanting voyages and let every Euro spent become a pathway to a world of extraordinary moments, uniquely designed for our cherished Miles&Smiles community.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Miles earning is applicable for reservations on Royal Caribbean cruises made through Representative Office in Turkey and only or the call center at 444 80 92.
  2. Miles earnings are valid only for new bookings made between February 19, 2024, and September 30, 2024.
  3. Members will earn 2 Miles for every 1 euro spent on reservation transactions.
  4. To qualify for Miles earning from cruise bookings made through the provided referral links, members must provide their 9-digit Miles&Smiles membership number (e.g., TK123456789) during the reservation process. Miles cannot be earned if the Miles&Smiles number is entered incorrectly or if reservations are made without providing the membership number.
  5. Members must have completed the relevant cruise service to earn Miles. No Miles will be earned in the case of a no-show or if the reservation is canceled.
  6. Miles will be credited to the member's account within 4 weeks from the end date of the cruise.
  7. Retroactive processing of missing Miles is not possible.
  8. Miles are not earned on accommodations made with special discounts.
  9. For reservation and Miles earning details, contact Customer Service at 444 80 92.
  10. Royal Caribbean and Miles&Smiles reserve the right to make changes to the Miles earning conditions.
  11. Our campaign is limited by a certain amount of Mile stocks.