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The capital of Sweden, Stockholm is a historic city established in the 13th century. The city, which had been a safe port for the Vikings by its location at the crossroads of the Lake Malar and Baltic Sea, is a settlement that served to this civilization for long years. Stockholm is home to numerous historic artifacts and cultural values remaining from the past. Consisting of 14 large and small islands on the sea, the city is in high demand as the most popular holiday destination in Sweden by its nature blending the blue and green, as well as its canals providing transport between the islands, glamorizing the city.

Flights with Turkish Airlines are extremely popular from the landmark of Vikings, Stockholm, to the Turkish holiday paradise along the Mediterranean Sea, Antalya. Have a look at the flight tickets between these two charming destinations now to set your plan and have a pleasant and safe journey up in the clouds.

Turkish Airlines offers 20 different flight alternatives in average from Stockholm to Antalya every day. All flights in this route are operated as connecting over Istanbul Airport (IST). Note that, in some flights, passengers may be required to change airports in Istanbul during their layover. The duration of the journey varies by the layover, ranging from 6 to 13 hours in average. If your layover in Istanbul is between 6 to 24 hours, you may have a chance to explore the enchanting Istanbul via the sightseeing service Touristanbul offered complimentary by Turkish Airlines. Flights in this route continue all year round and the number of flights remains the same throughout the year, no seasonal changes occur.

From: Stockholm

Turkish Airlines Stockholm Flights

Serving as the capital of Sweden, Stockholm stands out as an enjoyable city of islands. This magnificent city along the Baltic Sea is extremely popular by its verdant nature, bright sea, museums serving with peerless collections and its Old Town district resembling a town of Medieval Age. Stockholm is regarded as one of the most valuable destinations in Europe by the attraction of the smooth and organized lifestyle, in addition to its charm of well-planned city parks.

There are four airports serving in the city: Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN), Stockholm Bromma Airport (BMA), Stockholm Skavsta Airport (NYO) and Stockholm Västerås Airport (VST). Flights to Stockholm with Turkish Airlines take off from Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN), which is located 40 kilometers to the center.

Transportation to Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)

There are a couple of alternatives in transport for reaching Arlanda Airport (ARN) from the center. It is possible to use the train service called Arlanda Express and reach the airport within nearly 20 minutes. These trains operate as express in every 10 – 15 minutes, setting off from Central Station. You may get off the trains at Arlanda South station to reach the terminals 2, 3 and 4, and at Arlanda North to reach the terminal 5.

Suburban trains also serve to the airport, operating in every thirty minutes. Journey with these trains lasts for nearly 40 minutes, which head towards the SkyCity station in the terminals 4 and 5 of the airport.

Another option would be the airport shuttles, which set off from City Terminal in the center and reach the airport roughly within 45 minutes. Moreover, you can always use the cabs available 7/24 in the city to reach the airport comfortably.

Destination: Antalya

Turkish Airlines Antalya Flights

As one of the most popular Turkish holiday destinations, Antalya is in high demand by its coastal line along the Mediterranean Sea extending over kilometers, its remarkable touristic counties, historical heritage and natural gems.

As home to many beautiful counties, including but not limited to Demre, the town of Santa Claus, Kaş shining out by its heavenly beauty, Side, hosting numerous facilities by its ancient theater and splendid sands, Kemer, where you can reach the beach passing through the beautiful orange gardens, and Çıralı, fascinating by its untouched nature, Antalya remains as a distinctive destination which can be visited at all seasons, thanks to its warm climate. Antalya is simply amazing by its Yivli Minaret Mosque, Hadrian Gate and historic Kaleiçi district in the center, together with its vibrant port district, as the favorite spots of the tourists visiting the city.

Antalya Airport (AYT) is the sole airport managing the busy air traffic in the city. Passengers with a flight ticket to Antalya with Turkish Airlines land at this airport.

Transportation from Antalya Airport (AYT) to the city center

Located 13 kilometers from the center, Antalya Airport (AYT) offers a wide range of alternatives in transport. The most preferred option is the railway system called Antray. It is possible to reach swiftly the city center via these trains heading towards Fatih over Meydan neighborhood. Passengers wishing to reach Expo district should make a transfer at Fatih station.

Another means of transport for reaching the city center would be the municipal buses: the bus numbered 600 departs from the airport and reach Bus Terminal, following the route Topçular, Mevlana, 100. Yıl Cadddesi and the city center. On the other hand, the bus numbered 800 follows the route of Gürsu, Migros, Işıklar, Muratpaşa Municipality and Lara.

Airport shuttles would be another option, serving over Serik to Gazi Bulvarı, Dumlupınar Bulvarı, Bus Terminal, University, Atatürk Bulvarı and 5M Migros.

In addition to all these, you may consider renting a car from the car rental offices operating in the airport, or take the cabs serving 7/24 to reach anywhere in the city in a comfortable way.

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