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Flights to Egypt

Cairo Arabic, Egyptian Arabic
Egyptian Lira 95,69 million
Revolution Day (January 25), Sinai Liberation Day (April 25), Labor Day (May 01), Sham el Nessim (May 02), Revolution Remembrance Day (July 23), Armed Forces Day (October 06), Prophet Mohammed's Birthday, Hegira New Year, Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey who have a public (maroon) passport are required to have a visa to enter Egypt. As of April 1, 2022, Turkish citizens who meet the requirements (round-trip ticket, hotel reservation, $2000 cash/sufficient credit card limit) can only enter Sharm el Sheikh in Sinai Peninsula at no cost with the Sinai-only visa they will receive at the entry. Please contact the relevant consulates for all details.

Located on Africa, Egypt is among the largest Middle Eastern countries by area. The country is an extremely attractive destination by its lands witnessing the dawn and collapse of many civilizations with its history of more than 7000 years. As a highly popular holiday destination by its famous pyramids, ancient ruins, historic details, the Nile River flowing through and its coastline at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, Egypt is flooded by millions of tourists all year round.

Have a look at the flights to Egypt with Turkish Airlines now to embark on a magical adventure to the land of amazing pyramids.

Flight Details

Egypt flight details

Turkish Airlines offers direct flights to four different destinations in Egypt: Alexandria, Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm-El-Sheikh.

Direct flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) land at Hurghada International Airport (HRG), Borg El Arab Airport (HBE), Cairo International Airport (CAI) or Sharm-El-Sheikh International Airport (SSH) within two hours and ten minutes to two hours and forty five minutes in average.

Cairo International Airport (CAI) is the busiest airport countrywide, serving to nearly 16 million passengers each year, acting as a general transfer point for the majority of Egypt’s air traffic. Cairo is followed by Hurghada International Airport (HRG) with the capacity of 3 million passengers per year, and, Sharm-El-Sheikh International Airport (SSH) reaching the annual number of 2 million passengers in average.

Air traffic in the country gets even busier during the colorful events taking place all over Egypt. Cairo Pigeon Festival in January is held with huge participation of the pigeon fanciers all over the world. Heralding the coming of spring, Shem al Nessim held in April also is a public holiday. Leylet en-Nuktah Festival in June takes place by many enjoyable activities like picnic, barbecue and camping on the banks of the Nile River. Abu Simbel Festival shines out as a distinctive festival accompanied by dancing and music, held twice a year when the central chamber of the Ramses temple is illuminated by the sun. Moreover, Egypt Art Fest, South Sinai Camel Festival and Cairo International Film Festival are among the most attention-grabbing events taking place in the country.

Attraction Points

Egypt sightseeing and attractions

The capital Cairo which is home to also the Pyramid of Cheops is in high touristic demand all the time. Visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year, Cairo’s Old Town District, known as Historic Cairo, was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1979. Make sure to visit during your stay the Egyptian Museum offering the world’s broadest Ancient Egypt collection, which also draws attention by its glorious presence. Surely, the top outstanding must-see spot is the Pyramids of Giza… The area including the Cheops, Chephren and the Menkaure Pyramids, is simply enthralling, offering a mysterious adventure. Those looking for authentic shopping opportunities may visit Khan el-Khalili, arousing interest as one of the major souks of Middle East. Al- Azhar Mosque, which is an Arabic word for “splendid”, is a magnificent artifact open to worship since 972.

Situated along the Mediterranean, Alexandria is another popular destination in Egypt. The city’s iconic artifacts include the Cemetery of Mostafa Kamel, a notable politician in the country’s history, together with the Montaza Palace with its outstanding architecture, the Pompey's Pillar, a Roman triumphal column of 25 meters height dating back to the year 297, and the Alexandria National Museum where the country’s significant archeological remains are exhibited.

Hurghada by the Red Sea is another remarkable holiday destination of the country… Especially the city’s El Gouna district has gained prominence lately with huge investments in recent years. Being a popular spot by its marvelous sands and pure sea, Hurghada is known as an ideal destination for diving as well. Throughout your stay, you may enjoy the perfect sea and warm sun, explore the underwater world by diving, spend the night in Hurghada Bedouin Village to experience the breathtaking desert safari, and visit Hurghada Sand City, serving as an impressive open-air museum. El Gouna Museum and Hurghada Grand Aquarium are other prominent attractions the city offers.

Situated on the coastal strip along the Red Sea, Sharm-El-Sheikh is regarded amongst the world’s bests in many aspects. Offering the best spots for scuba diving, this peaceful city is famous for its crystal sands as well. Apart from its shiny sun and splendid sea, there are a large number of alternatives to explore all around. The Colored Canyon of 800 meters height, offering a breathtaking view beyond comparison, draws heavy attention by its colors in many shades, as its name suggests. Another wonder of nature the city hosts is Ras Mohammed National Park… This magnificent park at the crossroads of the Gulfs of Suez and Aqaba, offers joyful diving opportunities to explore more than 250 coral and fish types. The favorite spot of the architecture fanciers in the city is the Mustafa Sheikh Mosque, as well as the Monastery of St. Catherine, both full of amazing architectural details.

You may have a chance to get to know the country and the local culture better by visiting multiple destinations during your stay. The country offers bus services and domestic flights for the transportation between the cities; if you are interested in a more comfortable option, you may also consider renting a car to save your time discovering more in Egypt.

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