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Introducing Trabzon

There’s some outstanding natural beauty in Trabzon, and it hides some fascinating historical secrets as well. Sümela Monastery is one of the city's most recognizable symbols, and in its day, it was as admired as Hagia Sophia is nowadays. Trabzon is full of traditional stone houses and beautifully decorated mosques, providing a glimpse into the region's past way of life. The city offers fresh clean air, incredible natural surroundings and a serenity that's hard to find anywhere else. Add in the incredible local cuisine, and Trabzon is sure to become a trip to remember.

Trabzon is known for:

Culinary Seaside


Rize (182 km)
Giresun (182 km)
Gümüşhane (93 km)
Turkish Lira (TRY)


C, E, F

GMT +2


平均餐點價格 (2 人份)


Trabzon airport information

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To make the 10 km journey from Trabzon Airport (TZX) to the city center, you can use the HAVAŞ shuttle service. A ticket costs 5 liras and you'll be in the center in around 30 minutes. There are also public minibus services which run from the airport.

Average time from airport: 30 minutes

Distance from airport: 10 km


A taxi from Trabzon Airport to the city center costs around 75 liras.

Average taxi price: 75 liras


Miles & Smiles members earn 100 Miles per day, up to maximum 1000 Miles. What’s more, rentals made through the website for 1 or 2 days earn an extra 250 Miles, while rentals for 3 or more days earn an extra 500 Miles.

Average car rental price: N/A

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