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At Turkish Airlines, we take great care to prevent unexpected situations from spoiling your trip. On this page, you can find information about the visa requirements of the country you are traveling to and which documents are necessary to ensure you have a problem-free journey.

Domestic trips

For domestic trips, you can use the following documents as ID:
  • National ID card
  • Valid passport
  • Driver license
  • Marriage certificate
You can complete your check-in using any of these documents.


Most importantly, you must have a passport in order to travel abroad. If you are obtaining a passport for the first time or need to renew it, please remember the process can take several days.

Visa and other documents

The visa requirements of different countries may change over time. Therefore, when you are planning your trip, we suggest that you check the current visa requirements of the country you are traveling to.

We recommend that you complete your visa application at least 1 month before travel, as the process can take several days and vary depending on the country.

APIS information

Some countries require personal information known as Advanced Passenger Information (API) or Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) from all visitors. This information must be collected by the airline before the passenger boards the flight.

You need to provide this information during the reservation process so that time is not wasted at the counter during check-in and so that you are still able to use other self-service check-in options.

Information required for APIS:

  • First name, surname (as written in your passport)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Passport expiration date
  • Passport country of issue
  • Country of residence
Additional information required for flights to/from the United States:
  • Address of your accommodation on the first night
  • Green Card number (if any)
  • Redress Control Number (if any)

Who can access APIS information?

The APIS information you provide is only passed on to the relevant authorities of the country concerned and we do not share the data with any other person or organization.

How can APIS information be added?

You can add APIS information for tickets you purchase using the “manage my reservations” tab on our website.

According to new regulations, children can no longer travel by being registered on a parent’s passport. Children must have their own passports and you must also obtain a visa for them.

Important notices

  • Check your passport to make sure it has not been damaged in any way. Make sure no passport pages have partially or completely seperated from the cover and that the laminate on the photograph page has not opened up or become detached. 
  • For international trips, make sure that your passport has a blank page for entrance and exit stamps. 
  • The information on all your travel documents (passport, ID, and ticket) must be the same. If there has been a name change due to reasons such as marriage or divorce, an official letter (marriage certificate, divorce certificate) relating to the passport renewal or amendment must be presented to an official during the journey. 
  • Carrying your passport is not mandatory when traveling to Ukraine. Having your new type, chip Turkish ID with you is deemed enough. Our passengers under 18 years old can enter the country with their new type, chip Turkish ID. Child passengers are not required to travel with their mothers or fathers. 
  • Carrying your passport is not mandatory when traveling to Georgia and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Having your Turkish ID with you is deemed enough. Our passengers under 18 years old can enter the country with their Turkish ID. Up-to-date photos must be on the ID cards that can used regardless of being old or new type.