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Would you like to feel much better and pleased above the clouds? Delicious sips of our hot and cold tea recipes that contain natural ingredients will also make you feel fit or fall asleep after you relax.



Relaxing cold tea 

Many factors, such as stress, may disturb your usual sleep pattern especially during long flights. We prepared a special cold herbal tea to make you relax in such conditions. Our relaxing cold tea, with all components selected meticulously, helps you relax and sustain your sleep pattern. This tea contains rooibos with naturally sweaty taste, refreshing daisy and lavender. Calcium and magnesium found in rooibos controls the stress, while daisy and lavender help you fall asleep by strengthening the relaxing effect. After you drink our delicious cold tea, you can enjoy your sleep above the skies.

Digestion-friendly cold tea

If you want to drink a beverage that helps reliving the bloating and indigestion, the digestion-friendly cold tea is just the right option for you. We added ginger - digestion-friendly herb-, refreshing mint and lemon, which facilitates bile flow, to the roselle tea that is brewed using red dry leaves of the herb. We prepared a delicious cold tea with slightly sour aroma that settles your digestive system. Studies have shown that roselle helps reliving bloating by contributing to the fluid and electrolyte balance of the body. Ginger is used to relieve stomach ache and prevents intestinal irritation that leads to bloating. Our digestion-friendly cold tea offers you the opportunity of a pleasant flight that is free of bloating and indigestion.



Winter tea 

It is necessary to be careful in seasons, when common cold is common and immune system is frailer. You may prefer our winter tea that helps shortening the duration or alleviating the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. Our tea that contains roselle, ginger, purple coneflowers and lime flower can be your new favorite tea due to its delicious aroma.

Digestion-friendly tea

This digestion-friendly tea is based on Ayurveda traditions of India and has a very rich aroma. We added common fennel, aniseed, garden balm and caraway of the Mediterranean to the famous garam masala of the Far East. You can drink this tea that facilitates the digestion during your meal or at any time of the day. This tea may help alleviating particular complaints, such as indigestion and bloating.

Fitness and edema tea

Edema arises out of long-term immobility and this uncomfortable condition may cause swelling of the face, hands and feet. Our fitness and edema tea consists of many ingredients that help excretion of excessive fluid collected in the body. The tea has mildly sour aroma of roselle, but it also contains green tea, cinnamon, ginger, corn silk and garam masala.

Refreshing tea

You should try this tea, if you are ready for an in-flight meditation. Green tea, the main ingredient of the refreshing tea, boosts vitality and improves concentration. Whenever you feel tired, you can sip this tea that contains not only green tea, but also sage, mate, ginger and mint.

Relaxing tea

Components that have been preferred for centuries are used to prepare this tea, which may help you relax and sustain your sleep pattern during the flight. Lemon balm, daisy, lavender and slightly sweet rooibos, the favorite of South Africa, will relax you and make you fall asleep.