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Male passenger using the entertainment system and the wi-fi system in the THY Business Class cabin

In-flight television programs

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Sharp Objects

Amy Adams stars in a new limited drama series about a urban newspaper reporter. whose troubled past clashes with some shocking new realities

TV   All, Lifestyle

Fish Tank Kings

Dive into the demanding, pressure-filled world of building extreme fish tanks.

TV   All, Linkedin Learning

Balancing Work and Life

Learn how to have it all and enjoy it all by balancing your life and work.

TV   All, Science and Tech


Türkiye's first unmanned combat aerial vehicle, designed by Baykar, is being introduced to public for the first time through the documentary.

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The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi and Giovanni Guido

What if Antonio Vivaldi’s famous Four Seasons had been preceded by those of Giovanni Antonio Guido, star violinist of Parisian orchestras of the maturity of Louis XIV?

TV   All, Documentary

Lost Treasures of Egypt

An immersive, action-packed series follows international teams of Egyptologists as they unearth the world’s richest seam of ancient archaeology — Lost Treasures of Egypt.

TV   All, Comedy

Time After Time

TIME AFTER TIME chronicles the epic adventures of a young H.G. Wells. At the age of 28, the 19th-century scholar has yet to publish any landmark science fiction novels.

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Magnolia Table

Infused with her warmth and passion for all things family, Joanna Gaines spends time in the kitchen sharing her favorite recipes.

TV   All, Drama

Yunus Emre

Yunus Emre is well-known as judicious and respectful by society and begins his spiritual journey to Tapduk Emre’s lodge.

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The Repair Shop

A team of Britain's most passionate and skilled craftspeople rescues damaged heirlooms, prized antiques and treasured possessions, restoring them to their former glory.