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Frequently Asked Questions about Turkish Conventions

When do I need to apply for international meeting products? Learn more >>

  • Turkish Conventions: a minimum of 1 month before the first day of the event and a maximum of 3 years in advance.
  • Conventions Plus: a minimum of 6 months before the first day of the event and a maximum of 3 years in advance.
  • Meeting Plus: a minimum of 30 days before the event.
  • For events involving over 300 people, you must complete your application at least 3 months before the start date. For more detailed information, please email

Are you the official airline for events taking place outside Istanbul? Learn more >>

We are the official airline for events taking place in all destinations to which we have direct flights.

I am planning a future event in Istanbul. What kind of support can I get from Turkish Airlines? Learn more >>

At Turkish Airlines, we provide a letter of support, presentation, and visual materials to be placed in the tender file. We can also sign an agreement for future events up to 3 years in advance.

I am attending a meeting abroad. Can I apply for a discount? Learn more >>

Please note that you are not able to apply for this discount as an individual. However, for events where Turkish Airlines has been designated the official airline, you can buy discount tickets from the online ticket sales screen of the Turkish Conventions section.

My group is traveling to an event from several different destinations. Can we still apply for your products? Learn more >>

You can apply for Meeting Plus if there are a minimum of 50 people requiring tickets on condition that a single travel agency is appointed. To be eligible for Turkish Conventions, flights to an event venue must be from international destinations serviced by direct flights from our Partnership and there must be at least 100 international delegates. To be eligible for Conventions Plus, there must be at least 500 delegates from at least three countries and two continents.

Can I apply for one of your products to transport my 50 event delegates from a single destination to another? Learn more >>

Please note that in this situation you are not eligible for our meeting products. However, you can make a group reservation.

As an event delegate, how do I purchase a discount ticket? How is the discount applied? Learn more >>

When you buy a ticket that is discounted as part of the agreement, the discount is applied on the net price of the ticket before applicable taxes are added.

How do delegates get their discounted tickets? Learn more >>

Delegates can buy discount tickets from the online ticket sales screen in the Turkish Conventions section.

Can I make an agreement with another airline at the same time as my agreement with Turkish Airlines? Learn more >>

You cannot hold simultaneous agreements with two different airlines. However, if your event fits the criteria of Conventions Plus, with a single agreement your event delegates can take advantage of discounts from all airline companies that are party to the agreement.

I am a frequent traveler. Will I receive your discounts when I apply for one of your products? Learn more >>

Depending on the reason for your trip, you can take advantage of different products like Miles&Smiles, Turkish Corporate Club, and Turkish Conventions.

I bought a discount ticket from the online ticket sales screen in the Turkish Conventions section. How do I redeem my Miles? Learn more >>

You can get the Miles added to your account during the reservation, ticketing, or check-in process.