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Celebration cake

Our special gift to you: A delectable celebration cake served in the sky!

Terms and conditions

  • Celebration cakes may be requested only on international flights. Celebration cakes are not served on domestic flights.
  • Celebration cakes are available only on Turkish Airlines flights. (For Codeshare flights, Turkish Airlines must be the operating carrier.)
  • Miles&Smiles members may request a celebration cake for themselves. If requesting a celebration cake for another person, that individual must also be a Miles&Smiles member and their membership number must be provided. Turkish Airlines may request additional information during the request process. If the information cannot be provided, the request will not be processed.
  • Celebration cakes are applicable for birthdays or wedding anniversaries of Miles&Smiles members.
  • Celebration cakes can be served within three days before or after the special date. (e.g., for a passenger whose birthday is May 14, the celebration cake can be served on any date from May 11 to May 17.)
  • Celebration cakes are served only once per round trip flight, e.g. on the departure flight or on the return flight.
  • Requests for celebration cakes must be submitted at least 24 hours before the flight.
  • Celebration cake requests can be made via the Turkish Airlines Call Center or Turkish Airlines Sales Offices.
  • Due to operational disruptions that may arise before the flight, Turkish Airlines may be unable to fulfill celebration cake requests. This does not entitle passengers to claim compensation from Turkish Airlines.
  • Celebration cake requests must be resubmitted if there are changes to the reservation, including flight changes made by Turkish Airlines.
  • Turkish Airlines may discontinue celebration cake service or change the service conditions at any time. The conditions at the time when the cake catering request is fulfilled by Turkish Airlines shall be considered valid.