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Purchasing Miles

Don't have enough Miles to fly to the city you want? Purchase Miles from our website and make up the Miles needed to buy an award ticket. You can purchase 1,000 Miles for USD 30, including VAT. Purchase anything from 1,000 Miles to 50,000 Miles.


  • All Miles&Smiles members can purchase Miles.
  • Miles purchased as Miles and the fees paid for this cannot be refunded.
  • A fee of USD 30 will be charged for every 1,000 Miles purchased.
  • Members can purchase Miles for themselves or other members, and any one member can purchase up to 50,000 Miles in a calendar year.
  • Purchased Miles are subject to the Miles&Smiles program terms and conditions.
  • The minimum amount of Miles that can be purchased is 1,000.
  • Miles purchased via the Turkish Airlines website will be credited to the member's account immediately.
  • A confirmation e-mail or SMS will be sent once Miles have been credited to the member's account.