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Miles&Smiles members renting cars from Europcar, located in 150 countries, are entitled to discounts of up to 15% and 500 Miles for each rental period. With cars for every taste, from economy to luxury, and flexible rental options, Europcar lives up to Miles&Smiles members' expectations .

When renting cars from Europcar, Miles&Smiles Classic and Classic Plus card holders benefit from a 10% discount, which increases to 15% for Elite and Elite Plus card holders.

Europcar prices include all mandatory charges with no hidden extras. Tax, collision damage waiver (CDW), theft waiver (TW), airport taxes, and vehicle registration fees are all included in the price. Mileage is generally unlimited but in some countries and for some rental vehicles it may be restricted. Please read the price conditions during the booking process.

Miles cannot be earned withcar rentals in the US or Canada. However, reservations made from the US and Canada are eligible to earn Miles within the Europcar network.

Terms and conditions

  • Miles cannot be earned on discounted rentals.
  • Miles&Smiles members must present their membership card in order to earn Miles from a car rental.
  • If the same car, or a different one, is rented on consecutive days from the same branch or different branches, it is counted as one rental period.
  • Only the Miles&Smiles member renting the car can earn Miles.
  • It can take a certain amount of time for Miles earned from car rentals to show up in the member’s Miles&Smiles account.
  • In the event of any problems, members must show their rental receipt to the company from which the car was rented.
  • In order to rent cars at discounted prices, Miles&Smiles members must provide the discount codes, which written in their membership handbook and on our website, during the rental procedure.
  • For retrospective Miles requests, please click here.

For more detailed information, please visit the Europcar website.