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Red Crescent

As Türkiye’s flag carrier, we provide cargo support for blood transport and aid for the Red Crescent, the largest charity in our country.


In cooperation with the Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association, we use nature-friendly soap in our Turkish Airlines lounges. We support the project with in-flight awareness videos.

Gift Caravan

In collaboration with the Federation of Children's Games and Sports Clubs, we distributed traditional play sets to children in the eastern and southeastern Anatolia regions and in Azerbaijan, passing on Turkish culture to future generations.


Together with TOSIDO, we brought children interested in aviation under the umbrella of science and culture. Our guests experienced being Turkish Airlines passengers at DO&CO and being pilots during Flight Training Presidency simulators. The event, which included a tour of Istanbul, was organized by Tour Istanbul.


By promoting the Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, we support successful teams who represent Türkiye in international platforms.

Association of State Theatres

Our support of arts and culture events includes the play, "Uçmak - to Fly".

European Union Girls in Science and Women's Day

European Union Girls and Women in Science Day aims to support women and girls in science projects and employment. The successful women scientists and pilots at Turkish Airlines have conducted presentations that raise awareness on women's employment in the aviation sector.

Distribution of Skylife Kids

We distribute our Skylife Kids' magazine to various municipalities, non-profit institutions and care homes.

“I’ve read it, now you read it”

In the scope of our “I’ve read it, now you read it” project, we made sure that thousands of new and used books collected by our employees reached 13 village libraries set up in Konya, Eskişehir and Muş by the Turkish Airlines Volunteers.

Turkish Airlines Ahmet Nuri Duman Children’s Library

After one of our employees lost their child to leukemia, in memory of this young lost life, we donated children’s libraries containing a total of 1,500 lively and colorful large books to each of the five children’s oncology services in Istanbul. As well as this, our employees take sports and activity materials along to these services and visit the young patients on a regular basis.

Corporate Social Responsibility (KSS) Fair 

As Turkish Airlines, we participated in the KSS Pazaryeri event with our employee volunteering program. Our volunteering program attracted attention at the fair, organized by the Social Responsibility Association of Türkiye (the Turkish arm of CSR Europe) on 10 December, where the world’s biggest companies exhibit their social responsibility activities.

“Shall we make a snowman with you?”

With the help of our Turkish Airlines Volunteers, as part of our meaningful “Shall we make a snowman with you?” campaign, we distributed boots, coats, socks, blankets and clothes to almost 1,700 children in villages across 19 provinces, from Tokat to Edirne, all of which experience severe conditions in the winter.

Education and Activity Center for orphans

In order to manage our activities for orphans more effectively, we opened an orphan’s center in the Haseki district of Istanbul. At the center, which was decorated by the Turkish Airlines Volunteers, we organize lessons, workshops, trips and other fantastic activities for 250 orphans of different age groups.

Kite festival

With the assistance of Turkish Airlines Volunteers, during the spring semester 2014, we organized a kite festival for almost 200 orphans. We also made space for educational activities at the festival, which was joined by Turkish and Syrian orphans living in social services’ “Affection Homes” and other orphanages financed by various organizations.

School visits from the Turkish Airlines Flight Team

Volunteers from cabin and cockpit crews made visits to schools under the organization of the Turkish Airlines Flight Team. We talked to children about topics such as aviation, aerodynamics, aircraft speed and the wonders of the first flight. We also presented children with Turkish Do&Co food, timber aircraft models, kites and other similar gifts.

1 million saplings, 1 million smiling children

At Turkish Airlines, we continue to plant a sapling for every infant passenger that flies with us. In 2014, we founded a memorial forest in 19 cities. In 2015, we set our target of planting a total of one million saplings across 17 provinces.

Festival for all the world’s children

With the assistance of the Turkish Airlines Volunteers, we visited Bangladesh and the Ivory Coast at Eid al-Adha. We distributed almost 200 Eid al-Adha food offerings, packs of chocolate, Turkish delight, toys and gifts, which were handed out to thousands of children and adults. At festival times, our festival clothes and gifts also brought a smile to the lips of orphans, as well as children in leukemia clinics. 

Play therapy for children in Soma

Assisted by the Turkish Airlines Volunteers, we put our names to a first for Türkiye, by joining forces with the Pedagogy Association and Doctors Worldwide to provide play therapy to children who lost their fathers in the Soma mining accident. We also donated sets of therapeutic toys, which were prepared for 100 children who live outside the center of Soma and were unable to take advantage of the therapy.

Midday school

Throughout 2014, we invited scores of NGOs and charitable state bodies to Turkish Airlines in order to share their experiences with us and watch related films. Our visitors ranged from street children’s associations to children’s cancer groups, from social services to the disabilities directorate and from refugee charities to benevolent groups working in the health field.