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At Turkish Airlines, we fly you to hundreds of destinations all over the world. Once your flight with us is over, you can continue your journey on the bicycle we have carried for you.

Carrying bicycles on flights

  • Bicycles shall be carried in sturdy paperboard/cardboard boxes or their special packages in a way preventing damage. The tyres shall be deflated if deemed necessary. 
  • Motorized or battery-powered bicycles are not permitted as these items exceed lithium battery limits set under the Dangerous Goods Regulations.
  • In order to provide that the bicycle does not occupy too much space and ease handling, the handlebars are folded longitudinally, saddle’s height is adjusted to the lowest setting, the pedals are separated and all parts with extensions are removed. 
  • Bicycle transportation service is charged for domestic flights and we carry your 1 bicycle for  300 TRY.
  • Special baggage fee is applied in international flights. 
  • It is mandatory to make reservation entry. 
  • As some aircraft types in our fleet are not suitable for carrying the cargo of these sizes, do not forget to inform the related personnel during reservation. Bicycles not in the appropriate sizes are carried on cargo flights.
  • Special charges for transport of sports equipment and terms and conditions may vary on AnadoluJet flights. Please visit our page for more detailed information.

On all one-way network flights departing from any destination other than Türkiye and arriving to Antalya, Alanya(Gazipaşa), Adana, Kayseri and Nevşehir and on return flights from these destinations (Interline flights are not included. The offer is valid for Turkish Airlines flights), 1 bicycle will be transported free of charge until December 31, 2023.

A fee of EUR 30 for sports equipment will be charged for flights from/to Maldives - Colombo with a stopover.