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Traveling with children can sometimes be a challenge, but by following just a few practical steps, you can make sure yours have a safe, pleasant flight. 

Your baby's first trip 

To reduce any risks and to ensure a safe trip, we recommend waiting until your baby is at least one month old before flying. Before you baby’s first trip, you should seek confirmation from your doctor that it is safe for them to fly. You can travel with your baby if they are aged between 7 days and 2 years old. However, a baby aged between 2 and 7 days old will only be accepted on to a flight if a medical note indicating it is safe for them to fly can be presented.

Infant seats 

Boarding your flight last and disembarking first keeps the time you are on the aircraft to a minimum. As such, why not select a seat in the front rows of the aircraft?

Choosing flying times 

Lining up you flight time with your child's normal sleeping hours can help a journey go more smoothly. 

Things to carry with you 

Make sure your children are wearing comfortable clothes when flying. This will make sure they feel relaxed while on the aircraft. You may also want to carry a change of clothes. To keep you child entertained during the flight, be sure to carry their favorite toy, a coloring book and pens, or a story book with you. 

Potential problems when flying 

Children and infants can suffer with ear pain when flying. To avoid this, take your child to the doctor. In addition, encouraging your baby to swallow often can help relieve any ear pain. 

Children at risk when flying 

Where possible, children with an active infection should wait until they have recovered before they fly. In addition, children suffering from diarrhea can lose a lot of liquid on long-haul flights, and as such, we recommend not flying until their condition improves. 

Things to look out for after flying 

Making sure your children consume enough fluids after flying will help them get back to normal. Keeping hydrated is particularly important if the weather is hot in your destination. Remember, you may need to change your child's clothes depending on the weather when you arrive at your destination.

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We recommend that you take a few measures to make sure you enjoy a comfortable flying experience. If you would like to know more about a particular topic, please contact our call center.