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Disfrute de excelentes opciones de alojamiento durante sus vuelos de conexión con Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines ahora ofrece servicio de alojamiento a los pasajeros que vuelen desde fuera de Turquía y tengan vuelos de conexión que salgan desde el aeropuerto de Estambul con destino a países fueras de Turquía. ¿Por qué no disfrutar de un descanso renovador en Estambul?

Terms and conditions

  • Economy Class passengers having a connection time of 12 hours or longer and Business Class passengers having a connection time of 9 hours or longer can benefit from hotel service free of charge in case a transit flight with a shorter connection time is not provided for the related travel. (Note: For transit flights with a connection time shorter than the designated above, you will not be able to benefit from this service even if the transit flight with a shorter connection time is full.) For example, if passengers are provided with 2 different options for London - Dubai travel, as a flight with 6-hour connection time and a flight with 12-hour connection time, the passenger who has selected the flight with 12-hour connection time will not benefit from this service even if the 6-hour option is full.
  • The layover period is calculated taking the landing time of the first flight and departure time of the second flight as a basis.
  • A maximum of two nights’ accommodation will be offered.
  • Passengers holding tickets which qualify them for this service may no longer be eligible for it if changes to their tickets are made.
  • If the layover period falls below 12 hours for Economy Class journeys, or 9 hours for Business Class journeys, the hotel service will not be offered. Ticket changes can be made without paying additional fees or deductions.
  • Turkish Airlines will select the hotel accommodating passengers.
  • The accommodation service is available to international passengers traveling from outside Turkey who have a connecting flight to their final destination outside Turkey which departs from Istanbul Airport. The accommodation service is also available to passengers traveling on codeshare flights connecting in Istanbul.
If your travel plans meet this criteria, please apply to our Hotel Desk at Istanbul Airport.