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A.Claim Missing Miles

  • Ticket
  • Boarding pass
  • ID card or passport if the membership is registered after the flight.

B.Membership Procedures:

  1. Merge (Merge account) Request
    • Home and work address information (in case of an address change, confirmation of the former address information with the new address information)
    • Photocopy of ID or passport
  2. Family Membership
    • Photocopies of ID card or passport of family members
    • Photocopy of marriage certificate
    • Detailed address/phone/fax/ email information
    • Photocopies of Miles&Smiles membership card
    • In case Transferring Miles is requested, a written request thereof.
  3. Updating Information
    • Photocopy of ID or passport
  4. Gift Elite Card
    • Photocopies of ID card and Elite Plus card of our Elite Plus card holder member
    • Name and surname information of the person(s) to be given Elite Card.
    • Detailed house and work address information
    • Telephone - fax numbers and email address if available
    • Signed written request
  5. Membership Activation
    • Photocopy of ID or passport
  6. Mile Transfer In Case Of Death
    • Death certificate of our deceased member
    • Certificate of Inheritance
    • A notarized waiver indicating that the other successors have relinquished their rights

C.Star and Program Partners

  1. Mileage Accrual
    • Scanned ticket print out
    • Boarding pass

D.PIN Code Procedures

  • Photocopy of ID or passport
  • Address information
  • Telephone number
  • Email information

E.Student/Teacher Discount

  • ID or passport
  • Student/Teacher ID and and a valid student certificate

F.Passenger With Disability Discount

  • In order to define a disability discount to your Miles&Smiles membership: 
    • A document proving 40% and above disability 
    • A disabled ID card obtained from the Directorate General of Services for Persons with Disabilities and the Elderly (formerly T.R. Prime Ministry Department of the Administration of the Disabled) 
    • Medical board report from a general state hospital 
    • Image of an ID card with disability inscription.